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Lowe's Donuts

our story

While living in Boston for 10 years, Nicole loved exploring the city looking for new donut and pastry shops. She fell in love with Flour Bakery by Joanne Chang and snagging a Union Square Donut during teaching breaks was a regular occurrence.

Throughout her life, and even after the birth of her daughter Everly, Nicole's experience with food allergies didn't impact day to day life. However, when her son Theo was born, everything changed. Within four weeks of life, he was experiencing severe eczema and intense itching that signaled some possible food allergies. Fast forward a few months (and years), and he now suffers from life threatening allergies to Egg, Dairy, all Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Coconut and Soy in addition to several others. Nicole's third child, Otto, also has some of the same allergies as Theo however he also has Wheat and Oats. So between the two boys, all of the top 9 allergens, plus, are off limits. Yowzers.

Eating out is nearly impossible and the Lowe Family has yet to find a donut that her boys are able to eat. Its tough and discouraging! Why are allergy friendly/free foods so tough to find? Nicole wants to change the narrative. Lowe's donuts is THE place to enjoy a yummy treat that is free of those pesky allergens.

We are completely transparent about ingredients, manufacturing, and cleaning practices so that you are informed every step along the way. Visit out FAQ page for more information.

Every one deserves a donut that makes them smile and Lowe's Donuts wants to make that happen for you <3